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Why Sell on AWS Marketplace?

AWS is one of the major cloud service providers, offering a comprehensive suite of services for businesses to quickly and easily build applications with the scalability, availability, and security they need. With AWS Marketplace, you can reach a wide range of customers worldwide looking for reliable enterprise-grade cloud solutions.

F33 Will Help Your Growth in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers to find, buy, deploy, and manage software solutions from thousands of sellers all in one place. F33 assists software sellers in tapping into a new avenue of growth and acceleration by leveraging the AWS Marketplace. We’ve successfully connected clients with millions of potential buyers seamlessly and efficiently. From navigating through various setup options to optimizing and maximizing your listings, we offer our assistance and expertise every step of the way.

Reach Full Speed in No Time With F33

We provide a streamlined onboarding experience and straightforward setup that ensures you reach full speed with minimal hassle.

Faster onboarding

F33 helps you accelerate onboarding and get started with AWS Marketplace quickly. We ensure you have all the necessary information and processes to begin soon.

Optimize Your listings with AI

Our team of experts and AI technology will help you optimize your listings to maximize exposure and searchability.

Lower cost

We'll help you reduce the complexity and cost of setting up on AWS Marketplace. With our deep understanding of the platform, you can quickly get your solutions listed and start selling.

Receive end-to-end support

Support your growth with our dedicated team of experts. They'll be there to help you every step of the way—from onboarding and optimization to reporting and analytics.

Implement results-focused approach

Our data-driven methodology helps you maximize ROI on AWS Marketplace by focusing on key metrics, including impressions, clicks, revenue, conversion rates, and more.

Five Steps to Join the AWS Marketplace Listing

To become an AWS Marketplace seller, review the prerequisites and proceed with the registration process.

You can use an existing AWS account or create a new one. Registration includes creating your public profile, providing tax and banking information, and completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. You can do the seller registration process at the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP).

Configure your product package by setting a pricing scheme, determining the listing categories, and adding keywords to maximize its search visibility. AWS Marketplace offers categories such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), Data products, Container-based products or applications, Machine learning algorithms and model packages, and professional services products.
You can use the product submission process to make your products available on AWS Marketplace. Your products can range from a simple Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with a single price structure to a more complex offering that includes multiple AMIs, AWS CloudFormation templates, and intricate pricing options. After your product has met AWS Marketplace’s requirements and has been accepted, launch it and start building your brand.
You can boost the success of your product on AWS Marketplace by increasing awareness and driving traffic directly to your product pages. F33 can help you develop your GTM strategy, use marketing messaging, and use the Seller Insights dashboard to measure product performance.

Finally, keep your listing updated, respond to customer feedback, and optimize your product to maximize your presence on AWS Marketplace.

Why F33?

We accelerate your success in AWS Marketplace. It's time to start selling on AWS Marketplace.

Cloud expertise

Our expertise in cloud technologies and solutions helps ensure you get the best results for your AWS Marketplace listing.

AI-driven optimization

Our AI-based approach helps maximize search visibility and drives increased exposure, clicks, and revenue.

Machine learning solutions

We use our machine learning solutions to improve your product performance and provide insights into customer behavior.

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AWS Marketplace is a digital platform facilitating the seamless discovery, comparison, and acquisition of software and services compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). With a professional, informed, and confident approach, it streamlines customers’ experiences within the AWS ecosystem. It offers various products and services from independent software vendors (ISVs), including software infrastructure like databases and operating systems, machine learning models, and SaaS applications.

Anyone with an AWS account can use AWS Marketplace to purchase products as a buyer. To become a seller, users can register and offer their software products, services, or data for purchase on the platform. Sellers on AWS Marketplace can be independent software vendors (ISVs), channel partners, managed services providers (MSPs), or individuals who have something to offer that works with AWS products and services.

To become a seller on AWS Marketplace, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Register for the AWS Marketplace Management Portal to begin selling on the AWS Marketplace. Creating a new AWS account exclusively for this purpose and linking it with an existing AWS organization is advisable for easy management. Ensure that the AWS Partner’s tax information complies with the eligibility requirements for the respective jurisdiction.
  2. Choose the solutions you want to offer. These can be anything from Desktop Applications (AMDA), AMI-based products, Container-based products, Machine learning products, software as a service (SaaS)–based products to Professional services products.
  3. Prepare your product. This includes configuring your package, establishing a pricing scheme, determining which categories are relevant to your product, and adding relevant keywords to improve searchability.
  4. Publish your products. You can submit a single Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with a straightforward pricing structure depending on the product type. It can also be a more intricate development with multiple AMIs, AWS CloudFormation templates, and diverse pricing options and payment schedules. To submit your product, follow the product submission process provided by AWS Marketplace.
  5. Promote your product. Maximize the potential for success of your product by increasing its visibility in AWS Marketplace. Drive awareness and direct traffic to your product pages to improve your product’s visibility and boost its chances of success.
  6. Monitor and manage your product. After launch, monitor the performance of your product using the AWS Marketplace Management Portal analytics. Regularly review and update customer feedback, ratings, and experience to improve customer satisfaction with your product.

Amazon is a prominent online retailer offering an extensive array of products encompassing physical items like books, electronics, and apparel, as well as digital assets such as music, films, and e-books. Conversely, AWS Marketplace is a sophisticated online platform enabling customers to discover, purchase, and implement software or solutions compatible with AWS.

AWS Marketplace caters to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and Systems Integrators (SIs) offering their products on the cloud platform.AWS Marketplace helps ISVs reduce customer acquisition costs and deliver their solution globally.

As of mid-2021, there were approximately 17,300 products and services offered on AWS Marketplace. This includes software products, cloud services, and consulting services. This number continues to grow as new partners join AWS Marketplace and bring their offerings.

Additionally, AWS Marketplace also offers Free Tier Benefits in specific categories so customers can try out some of the products before deciding whether to purchase them. The AWS Free Tier allows customers to explore and try out AWS services free of charge up to specified limits for each service.

AWS Free Tier customers can access free AWS Marketplace software for up to 750 hours monthly of Amazon EC2 usage for a year from account creation. This can help software vendors to attract new customers and increase their product’s visibility in the marketplace.

AWS Marketplace offers several benefits to software vendors.

  1. Firstly, it simplifies software licensing and procurement by providing flexible pricing options and various deployment methods.
  2. AWS Marketplace empowers qualified partners to promote and distribute their software products to a global audience of AWS customers. This can significantly decrease customer acquisition expenses and facilitate the provision of solutions on an international scale.
  3. AWS Marketplace handles all the billing and deployment of products sold and pays the vendors monthly. This makes it easy for vendors to receive compensation for their products.
  4. AWS Marketplace vets product and service vendors, ensuring customer confidence in the listed offerings. A dedicated AWS team reviews products before inclusion, fostering trust and reliability.
  5. Finally, AWS Marketplace provides a platform for vendors to leverage AWS services and solutions from sellers in AWS Marketplace to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data, move, modernize, and manage IT infrastructure with AWS and software solutions in AWS Marketplace, and deliver AI and ML powered features faster and at a lower cost.

The AWS Marketplace’s private offer feature allows you to obtain exclusive pricing and EULA (End User License Agreement) terms from a seller, which aren’t publicly accessible. You negotiate the price and conditions with the seller, who then generates a private offer tailored to your designated AWS account. By accepting the offer, you secure the agreed-upon price and terms of use.

Private offers entail special pricing and licensing conditions tailored to your account. Sellers present these offers with a specified expiration date. If not accepted on time, your access may be transitioned to a public offering or potentially revoked from the product subscription.

When you contact a seller to negotiate private offer terms, the seller will verify your identity and review your requirements. After finalizing the agreement, the seller sends you a private offer via AWS Marketplace. You then accept the offer in AWS Marketplace, which assigns it to your account with the exclusive pricing and licensing terms for that specific customer. When you take the offer, it is binding, and you can’t modify it.

Your payment for the private offer is according to the seller’s terms. Sellers may send additional notifications or reminders about billing regularly. To ensure that all customers receive equitable pricing, AWS Marketplace reserves the right to enforce any price disparities or modify certain offers at any time. You are responsible for any taxes, fees, or other charges imposed by applicable laws concerning purchasing a private offer.

To get a private offer on the AWS Marketplace, sign in to the AWS Marketplace console and navigate to the Private Offers page. From the Private Offers page, select the Offer ID for the offer of interest. You can accept one offer for each product. After choosing the offer, you will be taken to the Private offer details page to review and get it. If you have any questions, you can contact the seller through the Private offer details page.
Note that private offers are tied to a specific buyer’s account, so ensure you’re signed in to the correct AWS account. You may not have the required permissions if you cannot view the Private Offers page.

In summary, to accept a private offer on the AWS Marketplace, you need to:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Marketplace console.
  2. Navigate to the Private Offers page.
  3. Select the Offer ID for the offer of interest.
  4. Review the offer and accept it.

Contact the seller through the private offer details page if you have any questions.

No, you do not need a partner to get listed on AWS Marketplace. You can list and manage your product independently. As per the AWS Marketplace documentation, you can register as a seller in AWS Marketplace by using an existing AWS account or creating a new account. There are different registration requirements based on where you reside and what type of products you’re selling, and you need to meet specific prerequisites to list your products,

Nonetheless, to leverage additional resources and support from a partner like F33, you can engage a service company that assists in transitioning to, constructing, and operating within the cloud. This provides incredible speed, flexibility, and dependability in developing your offerings for the AWS Marketplace.

Cheetah's Guide to Farming

Download Your Free Guide

Learn how to accelerate software revenue growth through cloud marketplaces. Download the “Cheetah’s Guide to Farming.” 

Cheetah's Guide to Farming

Download Your Free Guide

Learn how to accelerate software revenue growth through cloud marketplaces. Download the “Cheetah’s Guide to Farming.”