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WE SAW A NEED and an opportunity

F33 was born with the vision of making it easier for businesses to accelerate revenue growth. Our expertise lies in cloud engineering, partner marketing, and AI/ML data science. Through our combined knowledge and experience, we can provide scalable solutions tailored to each client’s unique and challenging needs.

Many software companies struggled to navigate the maze of getting published to cloud marketplaces and feel overwhelmed. That is until a team of industry experts came together with a shared vision to revolutionize the game.

These individuals knew the pain points and challenges of selling software in a B2B environment. They had seen firsthand how companies struggled to find trustworthy partners and close deals and were determined to make a change. Through their frustration, a solution emerged—F33. This company became the trusted guide for software companies, helping them navigate the labyrinth of B2B software selling quickly and confidently.

What We Do

It takes more than plugging into an automated platform, turning it on, and hoping opportunities come your way. We provide mission-critical services that help you be more active and drive awareness of what you have to offer.

Seller onboarding in marketplaces

We accelerate your product launch by providing a comprehensive service package that enables you to get published in the cloud marketplace quickly.

Materials for cloud hubs

We provide materials explicitly formatted to match the requirements of cloud marketplaces so that you can reach customers quickly and efficiently.

ABM (Account Based Marketing)

Our expert team knows each account's specifics and can craft tailor-made strategies for your ABM campaigns.

Co-sell enablement strategy

Capitalize on partner networks that come with reseller and co-sell programs. We provide an end-to-end enablement strategy to help you reach more customers.

Account management

We utilize an intelligent marketing and sales engine to manage your accounts and provide detailed insights into your campaigns' performance.

Multiple Vertical Approach

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in multiple verticals, so we can help you reach the right customers through a comprehensive outreach program.

Our team has 25 years of experience in cloud marketplace, data engineering, partner marketing, sales process optimization, co-sell expertise

Our Team

Our team comprises business leaders from key industries, senior data scientists, data engineers, and developers. Our people are our greatest assets.

Greg Bigos


Greg Wasmuth


ADAM Matuszak

CTO & Chief Data Scientist

Adam Massey

Board Member & Advisor

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Cheetah's Guide to Farming

Download Your Free Guide

Learn how to accelerate software revenue growth through cloud marketplaces. Download the “Cheetah’s Guide to Farming.” 

Cheetah's Guide to Farming

Download Your Free Guide

Learn how to accelerate software revenue growth through cloud marketplaces. Download the “Cheetah’s Guide to Farming.”